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April 2023


Hi! My name is Andie. I’m a Health Coach, Cook and Recipe Developer.

I'm also the creator of the Integrative Fat Loss System, which aims to help women to heal from the overwhelming weight gain and dieting struggle.

A little bit about me!

I spent more than 20 years going into the most ridiculous diets, took all the weight loss pills the market offered and my results go from metabolic imbalance, hormonal imbalance and eating disorders to even suffering a Brain Stroke.

The reason why I've created the Integrative Fat Loss System, is because the reality is that the current structure of weight loss, although well intentioned, is not capable to heal the root cause of women's excess weight gain, so we need to stop thinking that a diet or any particular product will actually solve our weight gain issues.

If you are tired of the weight loss struggle, then you must be ready to hear that food and exercise is only 50% of what you need to come out victorious of a weight loss journey, in which your main gain is freedom of the diet mentality.

So, if you wish to go beyond fat loss and beyond what to eat or how much you must exercise to lose weight, you have found what you've been looking for.

Welcome to your life transformation journey!

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